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The Way of St James along the Nysa

The Province of Opole is a twinning region for the Autonomous Community of Galicia in Spain, whose capital is the city of Santiago de Compostela the destination of the European network of old roads known as the Way of St James. Along the Odra and the Nysa Kłodzka rivers there are numerous traces of the cult of St James the Apostle, so the twinning projects between the regions are not accidental. Most sites are situated along the main rivers, which means along old trade routes, as St James the Greater was the saint patron of all travellers. One of the roads ran along the Odra river and was called Via Regia. It went from Russia through Cracow, Opole, Brzeg, Wrocław, Leipzig, Cologne to Paris (now A4 motorway in Poland and Germany is situated similarly to the old road).

The Nysa Kłodzka was also a river that ran along the old trade routes from the capital of Silesia, Wrocław to Nysa, once known as Silesian Rome, and farther to Moravia. The Way of St James winds along the river, linking the spring of St James near Głuchołazy, St James Basilica in Nysa and St James Church (former hospital) in Skorogoszcz. Here the local Way of St James along the Nysa Kłodzka meets the Via Regia.

Pilgrims could find protection and care in shelters and hospitals. One of such places was Hospital in Old Town of Nysa grounded 1239 by the Order of the Holy Sepulchre. Pilgrims to the area should not miss the charming pilgrimage church in Mroczkowa or one of Poland's three existing Benedictine monasteries in Biskupów.

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